All that we can be, where this thing can go?

11 February 2012

Nico and Mac. Define nosebleed and a good morning. Don't worry. It happens all the time.

It’s Madel’s 2nd birthday and my parents required me to attend the celebration with my 2 siblings and younger cousins. So generally, I just ate and played. It was fun and kind of weird playing toys for 2 year olds though.  Anyway, since I’m partly gullible and trying so hard to be kind, I drank a couple or more glasses of margarita and some other shiz you drink that might cause you to lose your mind for quite some time. I’m not really a big fan of alcohol but I keep on insisting myself and others that I’m more of a ‘scotch-on the rocks’ person. Just because it’s least likely to be offered (most especially on the usual  frugal and economical teen drinking sessions I usually join in) and so to make excuses. :>

I was extra careful. Which of course, was a great idea because what happened next was my abrupt ‘yes’ to Alyosha’s call asking me to join her and Abby to watch  David Archuleta. Thanks to Alyosha and her family for the free ticket! For some reasons, Abby’s obsessing over the guy for some time already.  He really sings well though and I guess, he has a good heart too.

Here are some photos I took. spaaaam

We weren't really there to see the fireworks. I even missed the first set. -_-

When you're dizzy, hold your breath, and shoot fireworks. Minus the tripod, please.

Also, we were in myx too. the whole shit was ridiculously funny and so I’m not giving out any more details. hahaha.

Au revoir.


This week has been a continuation of contemplation I had for a few weeks now. I tried to accept the consequences of my failures in just about everything  I did wrong before. But I think  I am few percentage away of getting over ugly stuff and get back again.

Anyway, aside from the dark and sort of lonely ramblings, I already submitted my insect collection yesterday for my Crop Protection – Entomology class. Basically, I collected 50 insects of different species then determined their orders. I’m not really a big fan of anything moving but not human, if you know what I am talking about. So, I really need to send a big thanks to everyone who has helped me with this. To all my friends who gave me insects! It meant a lot to me, for my grade’ s sake! And also, to the entomologist who works at my parents’ office for donating and pinning 15 unique and  beautiful insects for me as shown below!  Thanks to my parents too of course, for sending the whole box to LB. :”>

 Patcal and I holding the box where 15 0f 50 insects were mounted. It’s disappointing you can’t see everything in the box but the details of each of the insects were truly amazing.

Here’s also our little friend from order Coleoptera.

After submitting the collection, and since it was Happy Thursday, my dormmates and I made the rest of the night memorable. I realized that I shouldn’t be depriving myself  too much since I can’t change what happened already. We’re tiny particles wandering in infinity. We don’t have control over everything.

And guess who’s watching 30 Seconds to Mars next Friday. :>


Hi there, pals. I just got home from the dorm.  Pretty excited about the idea of spending most of my summer at home not going to school. Though I’m still really worried about my grade in Chemistry. I was never good at it but I hope I did enough to pass. I, at least, understand that’s how life goes. Well anyway, the opening of the PFF Suzuki under 23 cup happened in our school. The Azkals were there.

PS. There were really lots of people. And I’m like, a little far from the grandstand so sorry for my sort of stalking 101 photos.

It was nice seeing Angel Guirado. He’s the main reason why the Azkals had won the fight against Bangladesh a week ago in Myanmar for the AFC Challenge cup. He made 2 goals of 3.

Yannik Tuason was also there. It wasn’t my first time seeing him in person. Yesterday was weird cause he seemed to be the crowd’s favorite. I will not deny that he really is handsome but his name doesn’t usually ring a bell to people unlike the Younghusbands, Etheridge, etc. My friend Aiah, and I recognized him first. Hewaved at us and after that there  was no more interaction cause everybody started wanting him. Everybody suddenly got fascinated by him. They didn’t know such beautiful face exists in the Azkals not just those Younghusbands and Etheridge. lol.

But the truth is, I’m not really in to how Yannik plays.

To me, he’s just a face. And we know football’s never about that.

since were already talking about “face value”, let me introduce to you my bias, Patrick Hinrichsen. Haven’t seen him play. 

(L-R: Christopher Camcam, Patrick Hinrichsen, Dan Palami) The photo’s not mine btw.

Moving on,

Chieffy Caligdong and Manong Ian Araneta. Doing their usualy thing.

Starter. First game: Baguio – Laguna.

Just so you know, I was never a fan of football like most of my countrymen. I only like current events. I kid, the second sentence’s just a joke. :)) If you’re wondering who the Azkals are, They’re the Philippine National Team. Their FIFA standing is 151 but I personally think that’s not something to be ashamed of and for us to lose our hopes. Philippines isn’t a football country, anyway. but it is really exciting to see how much change the Azkals can bring regarding the perception of the Filipinos in the sport football.