oh man, here we go again with a lot of stuff that had happened and too bad I already lost the momentum to share it with you guys. 😦

We watched rugby games during the late part of April just because we swim in the at around 1 to 4  at RMS and games start at 5. My siblings and I knew about it one afternoon. I think it was the first game of a5n div I. It was Sri Lanka v. Chinese Taipei and the three of us couldn’t wait to watch the next game. It’s just fun to watch, really. And then, I learned that Rachel was working there and  we really enjoyed seeing her doing her thing. It’s nice seeing her accomplished, tired, and happy at the same time. She’s quite a busy person. Ate Lala watches rugby too back in Australia and she was fascinated by the fact that the Philippines actually have a rugby team! Well, I was, too. We weren’t really familiar with rugby union but through 3 games I watched  live in that week and a little bit of online research as well as a little reading on my brother’s ‘favorite’ book, Dangerous Books for Boys, at least, I picked up some information about the game and enough to know what’s happening. =)) You could say League is more interesting and fast paced but who cares, I don’t think we have it here. hahaha. BTW, the game itself’s fun to watch but the finale, Philippines v. Sri Lanka was some awesome sauce. Really. Congrats, Philippine team. 🙂

PS the photos were taken one night which date I’m too lazy to remember. It was Philippines v. Chinese Taipei.

I still have lots to tell. But I need to wake up early and do lotsa shiz. =))

Good night. 🙂

The best part was the swim Isabelle and I had a couple of Saturdays ago at Century Park hotel. Froma 50 peso budget for a swim, turned out to be 450 in real shit. It was a truly fancy day. Damn. And then of course, I’m broke.

GOGOGO SAGO! uaap 74 swimming

1 week late. UAAP season 74 swimming.
couple of photos are Medina’s.
Like last year, I gave Trace a visit with Rica, Sonette, and Alyosha. It was a lot more fun until my camera’s battery got drained. Sad story. Anyway, I was really glad to have a short chat with Claire who had helped me with my college application couple of years ago. She’s really really kind. Not to mention she’s great in swimming!! Johan bagged awards and broke records too. So obviously, he got the title of MVP which he truly deserved! I am definitely sure he’s going to make it big. Olympics someday, maybe?
Congratulations to Claire and Johan!!! To all the winners, of course!