The Obligatory New Year Entry

This is me saying goodbye to 2012 and giving 2013 a warm welcome. I know, I’ve been such a bore last year so I might as well work on that and I failed my 2012 reading challenge by [not telling you] number of books. Since I have THE guts, I’m not just going to give the reading challenge another shot but I’m also increasing the number of books I should read! Ha. Ha. Ha.

About second chances, here’s another chance to try to get better at expressing myself in words. It harmed me most of my life and I am not even kidding. My thoughts are soooo ripe that my words get out already spoiled.

I just wanted to have a legit blog entry today but obviously I’m not in the mood to tell you about stuff and make  things dramatic as much as I want them to be. hahaha. I’m not even going to mention how amazing 2012 was (hint: my last teenage year was awesome) and a portion of what’s in store for me in 2013. I’ll probably do the evaluation part tomorrow but I’m really tired right now since  I started the year the Cuevas way! It was fun! Also, my laptop’s battery is dying and I’m just typing for the sake of just typing anything. I guess I shouldn’t say that since it’s a total contradiction to what I had just said a while ago but anyway, the thing is, it’s a good life. It really is but only if we look at it in the right way and so far, I kinda guess that I am perfectly doing it so. Not saying that my life’s perfect but I’m really happy with my life right now (No, I didn’t figure everything out just yet) though I kinda feel sad about the things that I’m taking for granted like my swimming(I’m so bad at it), my bass and all the music stuff I have(barely touched:((( ), my room where I never slept in (needs lots of effort to clean it and dump whatever’s in it some place else but there’s no other place where the stuff can be! 😦 ), my life-size 10 year old bear (washed it at most thrice in its lifetime cause I always thought it’d lose its essence),  my closet which I haven’t cleaned for a very long time, my cameras (I barely use) , food, and my good old friends -.-  Danielle just can’t have it all (more like do all of the things she want to do in the same phase of my life). And yes, there are some people who almost got it all and get to balance everything they want in their lives. these bastards. What’s the secret?

Au Revoir


Long due

  So here’s the thing, I was lazy (and I still am). Really. I hope that’s an acceptable excuse but no, it’s a reason to hate myself every time.

What happened was, I really had a bunch of stories to tell and a number of photos to show but  I just lost them especially the eagerness to do so. 😦

The photos above were from last year, really. And there’s no significant story about it, really. My sister and I just missed plastic balloons. I’m not really sure where you can get them around the metro but apparently, Macmac had 2 huge packs of it. Don’t know where he got them though. It didn’t seem like the plastic balloon I knew. :))

Anyway, I finally met the root of my blogging life. Man, his photos just keep on getting better everytime. I myself am surprised to realize I’ve been following his life for more than five years now…

Au revoir.

Good riddance: the even more jejemon days of Danielle Cuevas

Back in 2008, when I was still a jejemon high schooler, I kept this blog in LJ and continued updating it until late 2010. I totally forgot about its existence until just a couple of hours ago when I  was reminded about certain blogs I still follow. Since I’m not in the mood to face reality and do actually important stuff, I visited my poor old blog and only to realize, to my disappointment… I was even more stupid than I thought I was. But not like ‘why did I think about that – what was I thinking?!?!’ it was more of a ‘why did I miss that sort of hint? why didnt I think about that?’

I want to explain things and elaborate how I felt but as you all know, I’m not good at this kind of thing. The bottom line is that I was able to finally, delete my old blog which contained quite a number of memorable stories, faces of people I spent some years with,  foolish thoughts of a young adult and much more. By that I mean much trouble too. God why was I even so insensitive?

I moved on. It’s quite funny that the things I was super fond of, I lost my interest with. Due to space, time, intentions and fate, I hear less if not none from the people I used to care about too. I don’t feel bad about it but I’m really thankful our paths met. Even just for a while.

There are quite a number of people who knew me during my craziest years so far. I’m sure they didn’t have any good impressions on me but I hope, you kinda figured out it’s just who I’ve been. I’m still the same  person but however I was back then’s kinda unlike me now. At least a part of the ‘who I think I am’ thing.

Inside my 2011 planner

 Of course, this wasn’t what I did during the first day of 2011. I just didn’t have any other paper on where I can stick samples of concentrates for my Animal Science class. Thank goodness, I had my planner with me. I did intentionally stick in on the 1st of January cause I just felt like it. :))

I met quite a number of good people too. Including Sir Jess Abrera and his son, Sir Manix. 😀 Well, I was amused by the fact that Sir Jess made the icon Guyito on Philippine Daily Inquirer. I had always admired it since. While Manix, he makes the Kikomachine comics!! What. is. cool.

In 2011, I also got fond of watching independent Filipino films and I was fortunate enough to meet Pepe Diokno. If you didn’t know, he directed Engkwentro. It’s not the usual movie one gets to watch. It’s different and real. No wonder it won various awards internationally. Sir Pepe’s a real coool person. He knows a lot and is very influential! I made him comment on various stuff in my planner. Even an invitation to Cebu with my friends. Hahahaha.

In 2011, I visited Cebu and Bohol twice. One week interval. This was the first. I went with my family. :)) Also, that’s a portion of my movie list that I watched during the summer break.

After a week, I went again to Cebu and Bohol with my friends. It’s like our 18th birthday gift to ourselves. It’s definitely my first’ ultimate out of town’ trip with friends. It was quite hard managing and tracking expenses but here’s a part of it. I managed to squeeze in everything with my 7,000 Php pocket money. :>

Also, I was able to see 30 Seconds to Mars perform live! I’ll probably watch them again when they’re here. They’re soooo great live!

Kilatisin si Juan III was truly a success! Everyone’s hard work paid off! Hearing what these people had to say with regards on what they do was very moving and inspirational. Sir Xander Angeles is a very generous man, I tell you. It was also nice chatting with Sir Carlos Celdran about one of our common interests, the National Museum. Hihi.

That’s the second message Ms. Ramond Lee (who shall we call Moira from now on 😀 ) had wrote on this planner. First was when Zombadings was shown in the campus. I really liked the film. If you weren’t able to see it then I’m afraid to tell you it was quite an experience so if you’ll be having another chance this year, might as well grab it. 🙂

That day, I intended on sharing a van ride with Miss Hannah Reyes  so that I’d be spending more time chatting with her. HAHAHA. I was very excited, really. Who’d not want it? I mean, if you had visited her blog then you must already have an idea on how awesome she is. But the thing is, talking to her, I realized she’s even more awesome up close and personal! Taking photos might not be my best talent or whatever but it’s something that I really like doing. 🙂 So, she’s right. I’m going to keep shooting and I swear, someday, just like her, I’ll be somewhere doing something I love; whatever that is. Oh my goodness, she’s an angel.

Well, I didn’t see the game. I just got this from Alyosha just because I want it. HAHAHAHA #bitch.

Most of 2011, I was a very boring 18 year old girl. Well, kind of. But then, I have this sheer feeling 2012 is going to be a lot better. 🙂

PS. A lot of  ‘bloggable’ events happened on the last few days of 2011 and I’m not really sure if I’ll still be able to put them up here but I’d really love to.

Au revoir!

How to make monsters

And of course! the title doesn’t really do anything with the photos!! =))))))

I held my camera today for the sole reason of adjusting its settings and be ultimately patient until I get the ones that I like but as usual, nothing turned out as planned. I ended up just taking random photos around the house. Excuse the large photos because… well I just wanted to keep them large. Anyway, my vacation’s almost at its verge and yet, I haven’t done anything so significant and by that, would you believe if I told I learned something really really important? Well, it’s true.

As mentioned in the previous entry, I left my problems hanging before the end of the semester and didn’t really care about looking at my grades. [They aren’t problems – problems, really. You might just misinterpret.] Fortunately, they weren’t much of a disaster after all. I looked at my grades online just this weekend because it’s already an unavoidable situation but you know that if I could possibly escape the step of looking at it, I would, probably.

I didn’t do anything so significant this sembreak because I was too busy worrying about stuff that I was too afraid to face at that current time even with the knowledge that I’d have to face it sooner or later too. And that sooner means now. Well, if I just looked at it earlier and if I wasn’t such a great pussy about it, I could’ve done something that would make my grades less of a disappointment to myself and not to prolong my agony, of course!!! =((( I was so preoccupied with the thought of failing I just ate, slept and watched series and this bum point of my college life rewarded me additional 6lbs. It’s not something to be proud of but I don’t give a crap. I’m going to lose them anytime soon. :>

But whatever’s done already done. I shall just try not to make the same mistake again. You see, friends, face your problems as soon because they don’t go away! They might get covered through time but it doesn’t disqualify them from being ‘problems’. The longer it takes, the bigger monsters time makes and in either ways you’d still have to face them. It’s a sad scary shit.

The couch patatas

This entry is random and confusing.

I haven’t told you much about what happened lately and it can be very ironic since I have more free time. But it isn’t. Really. My routine, basically, only incudes eating, sleeping, facing the computer, going out sometimes and then there, repeat.
Truth is I actually skipped mentioning a lot of events here. Like I, leaving school without even daring to look at my grades in my classes since I was and am still too afraid to know how much I sucked this semester or shall I say, previous semester since it just ended last week. Not to mention my schoolmate, may she rest in peace, got involved into a rape-slay case [this one’s unbearable and I can’t even share my thoughts about it but it’s SO {I can’t find the right word} but I figuratively killed the suspects in my mind for like, every time I remember the case and keeps on making me hope this government brings back death penalty] which made a buzz in the national news last week and caused my parents to freak out and intentionally planned a three-hour-sermon for me. They also brought up the topic about my grades and it scares me because I still don’t have a singko yet and there they were, blaming every centimeter of who I am from my study habits, to friends and my ‘antagonistic’ attitude. wtf . Like seriously?! It’s not like you’re the one who’s going to repeat a subject and it’s not as if it’s your time that’s going to be considered wasted! Well at least, not directly. But if you can still please pay for my tuition fee… 😀 And shit, I ended telling you those stuff, anyway.
You see, I am supposed to be really really worried but guess what!? I am not!

Ok, I just made that up cause I really am!
I love contradicting myself so I am telling you, I should not spend my ‘vacation’ worrying about such stuff but whatever happens, I might as welll be ready for the consequences.
but shit mannnnnn, I am really really really scared!!!!

I am leaving you with my mantra and a random screen cap.

I am definitely going to pass Chem and certainly pass Genetics!


Last Friday, there were big rallies going on everywhere. From LB ’til I got home in Manila.  I didn’t participate in any physically since I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to leave my Chemistry class but my ‘thoughts’ as well as my spirit were on ‘strike’.  I really feel bad about the proposed education budget cut simply because I hate to think our country’s going backwards. While other countries biggest priority is education, it seems to me that our government isn’t investing on it. It’s sad. Really.