You don’t have to get the point. I’m glad that ¬†I’m surrounded by wonderful people who may not be around all the time but when you need them they’ll happily be there for you. It is though my love life is zero and my academic life sucks ass.

Also, you might misunderstand, I’m not a party person or whatever you call it. Kim’s party was just uber fun. hahahaha

Rachel and Mark emceed the event. They always perform good with each other. And Glea, well, what can I say about Glea this time? =)) I’m not sure. It’s better not to say anything about her this time since I only feel like pissing her off which wouldn’t be nice. :)) Hi, if you’re reading this and if you’re seeing your photo. :)))

I’m going to transfer to a new domain soon…


sem ender

Haven’t updated for quite some time now. :)) But anyway, the second semester of my first year in uni is almost over. It is, actually. Now you know why I’m having some time to write all these stuff. Moving on, a lot has happened. Lemme show some photos from my favorite albums in the past couple of months.

Mid-Feb when I helped my friend to work on her project due the following day so we had no choice. I consider light¬†graffiti as something that fascinates me ever since but I’m not much in to doing it myself.

Anyway, for some reasons, I really like this album so here are some of the shots.

Early-March, there was a pyro competition around the metro. It happens once a year for four saturdays. I go there regularly, I mean to MOA where the event was held so I had the chance to see it.