OZINE 2011

Late. Late. Late.


Today, my friends and I attended Ozine fest. It’s a cosplay event that happens yearly and I guess it’s my second year if not the third. I can’t remember when I got hooked to cosplays. I’ve tried it twice and those times were EPIC. I mean seriously, the first time I tried it was fucking hilarious cause my father was there. It’s not that he contest to it. I just don’t feel comfortable socializing with random strangers and having my picture taken by someone in front of any of my relatives. So yea, I sticked to taking photos of cosplayers instead of I getting photographed.

There were less cosplayers than I expected and my time was so limited cause I had to leave early. I spent almost 3 hours there though.

Here are Min and Anna. Dammit they know almost half the people there. just then I realized I haven’t been hanging out with Anna and Arvin lately until today. I met a number of kids too cause just like I said, Anna knows A LOT. And one of them is this guy, Min. He’s really funny!

The reason why I had to leave early’s because of family dinner, as usual. It’s not that my parents don’t permit me to skip family dinner but I just can’t. I don’t know. I really love it when I eat with my family. ┬áMy sister, Den, was not present though, she attended a ball.

After eating, my brother and I watched an ice hockey game cause my parents were busy attending to some matters we weren’t interested to.