Inside my 2011 planner

 Of course, this wasn’t what I did during the first day of 2011. I just didn’t have any other paper on where I can stick samples of concentrates for my Animal Science class. Thank goodness, I had my planner with me. I did intentionally stick in on the 1st of January cause I just felt like it. :))

I met quite a number of good people too. Including Sir Jess Abrera and his son, Sir Manix. 😀 Well, I was amused by the fact that Sir Jess made the icon Guyito on Philippine Daily Inquirer. I had always admired it since. While Manix, he makes the Kikomachine comics!! What. is. cool.

In 2011, I also got fond of watching independent Filipino films and I was fortunate enough to meet Pepe Diokno. If you didn’t know, he directed Engkwentro. It’s not the usual movie one gets to watch. It’s different and real. No wonder it won various awards internationally. Sir Pepe’s a real coool person. He knows a lot and is very influential! I made him comment on various stuff in my planner. Even an invitation to Cebu with my friends. Hahahaha.

In 2011, I visited Cebu and Bohol twice. One week interval. This was the first. I went with my family. :)) Also, that’s a portion of my movie list that I watched during the summer break.

After a week, I went again to Cebu and Bohol with my friends. It’s like our 18th birthday gift to ourselves. It’s definitely my first’ ultimate out of town’ trip with friends. It was quite hard managing and tracking expenses but here’s a part of it. I managed to squeeze in everything with my 7,000 Php pocket money. :>

Also, I was able to see 30 Seconds to Mars perform live! I’ll probably watch them again when they’re here. They’re soooo great live!

Kilatisin si Juan III was truly a success! Everyone’s hard work paid off! Hearing what these people had to say with regards on what they do was very moving and inspirational. Sir Xander Angeles is a very generous man, I tell you. It was also nice chatting with Sir Carlos Celdran about one of our common interests, the National Museum. Hihi.

That’s the second message Ms. Ramond Lee (who shall we call Moira from now on 😀 ) had wrote on this planner. First was when Zombadings was shown in the campus. I really liked the film. If you weren’t able to see it then I’m afraid to tell you it was quite an experience so if you’ll be having another chance this year, might as well grab it. 🙂

That day, I intended on sharing a van ride with Miss Hannah Reyes  so that I’d be spending more time chatting with her. HAHAHA. I was very excited, really. Who’d not want it? I mean, if you had visited her blog then you must already have an idea on how awesome she is. But the thing is, talking to her, I realized she’s even more awesome up close and personal! Taking photos might not be my best talent or whatever but it’s something that I really like doing. 🙂 So, she’s right. I’m going to keep shooting and I swear, someday, just like her, I’ll be somewhere doing something I love; whatever that is. Oh my goodness, she’s an angel.

Well, I didn’t see the game. I just got this from Alyosha just because I want it. HAHAHAHA #bitch.

Most of 2011, I was a very boring 18 year old girl. Well, kind of. But then, I have this sheer feeling 2012 is going to be a lot better. 🙂

PS. A lot of  ‘bloggable’ events happened on the last few days of 2011 and I’m not really sure if I’ll still be able to put them up here but I’d really love to.

Au revoir!


Queue forever

When everything gets so stressful, I  read a book , watch a film or a couple. They’re ways to instantly escape reality sometimes even for just a short while. Well, that’s aside from sleeping which I usually do. :>

So this afternoon, Isabelle and I spontaneously decided to watch films from Cinemalaya which is an Independent Film Festival that happens yearly at CCP. We were really looking forward to watch Alvin Yapan’s Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa (The Dance of Two Left Feet) and and Marlon Rivera’s Ang Babae sa Septic Tank (The Woman in the Septic Tank). We arrived at the location 30 minutes before the showing. We were welcomed by an overwhelming number of people and really long lines. THE LINES WERE REALLY LONG and I thought that everybody went out to watch Harry Potter but I Was wrong. It’s kinda disappointing cause we didn’t really see a film today. Instead, we queued for three hours. THREE HOURS. Dude, those who queued for Harry Potter in cinemas, I bet, didn’t even spend an hour falling in line for tickets. But blah. Though a part of me’s amazed by how many Filipinos are starting to try and to support Indie Films. Thank God that little by little, people got enlightened.

The tickets we bought’re for next week and surprisingly Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa got sold out!@@ >:| And I am not going to make this season pass with out watching it. For compromise of the time we spent in queue, we also bought a couple of tickets for the film Amok.

Since this is already about Indie movies getting appreciated at last by more people, I must share my opinion about commercialized Filipino films cause Honesty, I hardly appreciate the usual ones, well-produced, ‘blockbuster’ films. If you had seen one, you’d know what I am saying. They can’t even think of original names for their films. Usually, if not always, they use American song titles as the film’s name. It’s so funny that I am laughing right now. I’d like to name a few but that would be too obvious. and the OST of the movie’s the song itself ‘revived’by a Pinoy singer. I tried seeing a couple of those in cinemas and those weren’t just worth it. But anyway, it’s too unfair to generalize it so I’m going to say that some cheesy ones were good. And it’s just one of so many points.

Before the day ended, we walked back to Taft and treated ourselves at Zark’s .

Howl [2010]

I’d hate to call this a review but it might just be like it. So, first, I really enjoyed watching Epstein and Friedman’s Howl, aside from the fact that James Franco starred it (cause it’s partly biased. I like the Francos A LOT), the story tackled the life of a poet, Allen Ginsberg, in the 1950’s when he wrote his poem “howl”. There were court trials discussing whether Howl’s an obscene work and should be on censorship and even questioned if the poem can actually be considered a literary work.

I don’t study literature so pardon on that but I see the success of the poem Howl as a larger opening for contemporary poems  which are actually liberal. I give the movie a 7.

Whatever. Let’s just fill this thing with Franco screen caps cause we all love him.