The Obligatory New Year Entry

This is me saying goodbye to 2012 and giving 2013 a warm welcome. I know, I’ve been such a bore last year so I might as well work on that and I failed my 2012 reading challenge by [not telling you] number of books. Since I have THE guts, I’m not just going to give the reading challenge another shot but I’m also increasing the number of books I should read! Ha. Ha. Ha.

About second chances, here’s another chance to try to get better at expressing myself in words. It harmed me most of my life and I am not even kidding. My thoughts are soooo ripe that my words get out already spoiled.

I just wanted to have a legit blog entry today but obviously I’m not in the mood to tell you about stuff and make  things dramatic as much as I want them to be. hahaha. I’m not even going to mention how amazing 2012 was (hint: my last teenage year was awesome) and a portion of what’s in store for me in 2013. I’ll probably do the evaluation part tomorrow but I’m really tired right now since  I started the year the Cuevas way! It was fun! Also, my laptop’s battery is dying and I’m just typing for the sake of just typing anything. I guess I shouldn’t say that since it’s a total contradiction to what I had just said a while ago but anyway, the thing is, it’s a good life. It really is but only if we look at it in the right way and so far, I kinda guess that I am perfectly doing it so. Not saying that my life’s perfect but I’m really happy with my life right now (No, I didn’t figure everything out just yet) though I kinda feel sad about the things that I’m taking for granted like my swimming(I’m so bad at it), my bass and all the music stuff I have(barely touched:((( ), my room where I never slept in (needs lots of effort to clean it and dump whatever’s in it some place else but there’s no other place where the stuff can be! 😦 ), my life-size 10 year old bear (washed it at most thrice in its lifetime cause I always thought it’d lose its essence),  my closet which I haven’t cleaned for a very long time, my cameras (I barely use) , food, and my good old friends -.-  Danielle just can’t have it all (more like do all of the things she want to do in the same phase of my life). And yes, there are some people who almost got it all and get to balance everything they want in their lives. these bastards. What’s the secret?

Au Revoir