Long due

  So here’s the thing, I was lazy (and I still am). Really. I hope that’s an acceptable excuse but no, it’s a reason to hate myself every time.

What happened was, I really had a bunch of stories to tell and a number of photos to show but  I just lost them especially the eagerness to do so. 😦

The photos above were from last year, really. And there’s no significant story about it, really. My sister and I just missed plastic balloons. I’m not really sure where you can get them around the metro but apparently, Macmac had 2 huge packs of it. Don’t know where he got them though. It didn’t seem like the plastic balloon I knew. :))

Anyway, I finally met the root of my blogging life. Man, his photos just keep on getting better everytime. I myself am surprised to realize I’ve been following his life for more than five years now… what.is.stalking.

Au revoir.


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