Museum hopping

28 January 2012

This is such a bitchy thing to say but I really didn’t enjoy my Hum2 trip IN MANILA. Obviously, it’s because I AM from Manila and never in my life had I thought that museum hopping and crappy bus rides plus dreadful lunch at some place called Taste of Asia in MOA’s actually worth 1200.

Aside from the company I had, there’s nothing I enjoyed that day. The museums were fun too but every single time I realized that that injudicious trip caused me 1,500, I kept on taking my words back.

Please don’t tell me I lack appreciation on Filipino Art. It just felt weird because I grew up visiting museums and having most artworks explained by my parents. I spent quite a number of hours in my whole life just staring at Juan Luna’s Spoliarium and my spoiled ego’s having a hard time trying to accept that the guard thought I was acting inappropriately at some point.

Maybe, a huge part of my bitterness came from how much I started dreading the National Museum. A place which I thought I love but then, shit happens because shitty people make them happen.

It just doesn’t feel right being introduced to some things I had known most of my life. Please don’t judge me about how I am so full of myself because I guess, it happens to everybody. You know what I mean? I knew better but she gets to tell most of the stuff. I don’t feel okay with tour guides because I always wanted to be one, at least for a summer break. Haha, I’m being irrational here.

Excuse the foul update.

Your egotistic bitch,


Photos were taken at Lopez’s, Yuchengco’s, and San Agustin’s


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