Best for last

Happy birthday, Danielle Cuevas! 18 was sooo trying hard! You were saving the best for last! Make your last teenage year the most awesomeee!!! =D

But before everything else, here’s what happened on the 22nd! It was my lolo’s death anniversary. He’s been dead for quite some time now. The truth is, he was dead even before I was born but I do visit him regularly.


Literally ate my heart’s desire with some Alyosha, Rica, Sonette, Isabelle, Rachel, and Ramon. It was so unfortunate a lot couldn’t come… Malou and Paola. and Pat too:(

You have no idea how euphoric it was… The hanging tank top from Rachel(Never wore one. It’s a challenge!), The CUTE little stuffed toy from Mon and Isabelle (Of course, it was cute. It has my face on it! And a recorded message too!), THE mini cake and three white roses from Yosha (She attended a wedding at 6am! She had no sleep when she got to MOA and must be veryyy tireeed! But were having a date at Hotel Intercon on the 28th! Hihi!), THE Palo Alto book by THE James Franco from Rica and Sonette (Huhuhu! I didn’t know they had it here in Pinas!!), I also got a cute mini notepad from Kim last 21st! and lots of chocolates and a Chocolate Kiss cake from Malou!!

Had our money fleeting with the Ferris wheel! Disappeared in 5 minutes! Don’t let your curiosity give in on this huge Ferris wheel at MOA called MOA-eye. dafuq. Oops! I realized I had no photo of it but here are what it’s like in and out of the gondola!

And of course, I did visit the church and said thaaaaaanks like what I always do before oing to sleep. 😀

Had dinner with family but Den and I kept delaying it since we rushed to Rob to cram presents for the rest of the family since its Christmas eve laterrrrr. o_O We rode this squarish bus which looked so petite on the outside. it’s even more narrow and sikip inside! I disliked it soooo.

BEFOREEE I FORGET. Photos from the 21st!


Au revoir!


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