SUPER LATE UPDATE. (Do you still consider it an update, anyway?)I took at most 10 photos during the event since my camera’s battery was too uncooperative and died during the turn of the first speaker who happened to be  Ms. Hannah Reyes‘. I can’t express in words how awesome I think she is. Seriously. She’s like an angel who does fierce stuff.  But anyway, since I just got like, 10 photos during the event and Christmas is almost here, I grabbed a photo from Alyosha. It’s us and the big golden Christmas tree!!


2 thoughts on “KSJ III.

  1. yaaaaaaayy! were you one of the people int he first picture? if yes, what instrument were you playing? astig! :))
    i visited Ms.Reyes’ blog… astig mga photos niya!

    1. Hello, Tine! I wasn’t in the photo! I have this huge feeling na I can’t qualify to be one of them since I’ll always be a noob in playing string instruments! Though I do play the bass and guitar. =D Dibuuhhh!! Ang ganda ng photos niyaaaa!! =D

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