The couch patatas

This entry is random and confusing.

I haven’t told you much about what happened lately and it can be very ironic since I have more free time. But it isn’t. Really. My routine, basically, only incudes eating, sleeping, facing the computer, going out sometimes and then there, repeat.
Truth is I actually skipped mentioning a lot of events here. Like I, leaving school without even daring to look at my grades in my classes since I was and am still too afraid to know how much I sucked this semester or shall I say, previous semester since it just ended last week. Not to mention my schoolmate, may she rest in peace, got involved into a rape-slay case [this one’s unbearable and I can’t even share my thoughts about it but it’s SO {I can’t find the right word} but I figuratively killed the suspects in my mind for like, every time I remember the case and keeps on making me hope this government brings back death penalty] which made a buzz in the national news last week and caused my parents to freak out and intentionally planned a three-hour-sermon for me. They also brought up the topic about my grades and it scares me because I still don’t have a singko yet and there they were, blaming every centimeter of who I am from my study habits, to friends and my ‘antagonistic’ attitude. wtf . Like seriously?! It’s not like you’re the one who’s going to repeat a subject and it’s not as if it’s your time that’s going to be considered wasted! Well at least, not directly. But if you can still please pay for my tuition fee… 😀 And shit, I ended telling you those stuff, anyway.
You see, I am supposed to be really really worried but guess what!? I am not!

Ok, I just made that up cause I really am!
I love contradicting myself so I am telling you, I should not spend my ‘vacation’ worrying about such stuff but whatever happens, I might as welll be ready for the consequences.
but shit mannnnnn, I am really really really scared!!!!

I am leaving you with my mantra and a random screen cap.

I am definitely going to pass Chem and certainly pass Genetics!


3 thoughts on “The couch patatas

  1. That’s a really good mantra to adopt! I understand what you mean though, sometimes the more free time I have the less I blog. Odd how we do that, huh?

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend/classmate. Grabe lang talaga ung mga taong wala sa tamang pag-iisip at nakakagawa ng ganon.

    Anyway… I totally understand of what you said being ironic. I sometimes do the same thing just to make myself feel better. like let’s say I pretend i don’t really care whether i get low grades but honestly… I DO. I feel sad when the grade I got is lower than what i expected! 😀

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