This week has been a continuation of contemplation I had for a few weeks now. I tried to accept the consequences of my failures in just about everything  I did wrong before. But I think  I am few percentage away of getting over ugly stuff and get back again.

Anyway, aside from the dark and sort of lonely ramblings, I already submitted my insect collection yesterday for my Crop Protection – Entomology class. Basically, I collected 50 insects of different species then determined their orders. I’m not really a big fan of anything moving but not human, if you know what I am talking about. So, I really need to send a big thanks to everyone who has helped me with this. To all my friends who gave me insects! It meant a lot to me, for my grade’ s sake! And also, to the entomologist who works at my parents’ office for donating and pinning 15 unique and  beautiful insects for me as shown below!  Thanks to my parents too of course, for sending the whole box to LB. :”>

 Patcal and I holding the box where 15 0f 50 insects were mounted. It’s disappointing you can’t see everything in the box but the details of each of the insects were truly amazing.

Here’s also our little friend from order Coleoptera.

After submitting the collection, and since it was Happy Thursday, my dormmates and I made the rest of the night memorable. I realized that I shouldn’t be depriving myself  too much since I can’t change what happened already. We’re tiny particles wandering in infinity. We don’t have control over everything.

And guess who’s watching 30 Seconds to Mars next Friday. :>


6 thoughts on “Insecta

  1. Why, hello there, fellow Filipino!

    I’m not a big fan of other animals either, including insects. Not even dogs. I don’t know why.

    It’s great that you got to finish your project! My brother used to be addicted to insects, back when he was like 7. He knew all the types and species and everything. His favorite beetle was the Goliath Beetle (more specifically, the Goliathus Cacicus). He used to want to be an entomologist – for a 5-7 year old to even know what that is! Times have changed though, so now he draws. Well, he used to draw, but it was insects. Now it’s cars. Either way, he’s still a damn good artist!

    Like any other girl though, I did love butterflies!

    I want to watch 30 Seconds To Mars, but, sadly, I can’t. Lucky!

  2. niiiiiicccceeee! i love butterflies. you’re lucky that your parents’ friend/office mate donated 15 more. 🙂 is it hard preserving ’em? do you kill the insects first? curious about the process. :p

  3. It’s awesome that you’re watching 30 Seconds to Mars! Enjoy!

    I’m scared of insects to be honest with you so I can’t imagine myself collecting them. Waaah you have the guts and I admire you for that! Seems like you’re enjoying what you’re doing anyway 😉

  4. I’m not a fan of insects. I think I’d have problems doing that project, haha. 50 is a lot to collect. Congrats on finishing it!

    I hope the concert will be awesome! Have fun!

  5. those were insects? waaaaaah.. I’m not really scared of insects though,.. Im more scared on those creatures that crawls like worms etc.. It’s more scary than insects.. 50 is really a lot so congratulations ❤ have fun in the concert too

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