And finally…

My parents got me an HP netbook which  doesn’t really look like a netbook to me since it’s a little bigger than  a regular one though it’s still smaller than the usual size of a  laptop. It’s 11.6 inches, by the way. I can’t tell you yet how well or bad it’s working since it hasn’t even been a day since I got this but hey, it’s working fine, at least right now and hopefully, for the next few years.

I didn’t really consider much about the specs since  I won’t be flushing myself into the computer all the time. That’s because the Bachelor’s degree that I am taking as of the moment is a lot more related to physical sciences and agriculture. Meaning, I’ll just be using this netbook mainly for  Microsoft Office, web browsing and a little Photoshop. Besides, my desktop computer at home would still be there when I need it.

Here’s a photo I got from Google. Hahaha.

The first thing I liked about the HP Pavilion DM1, as I had said in the first part, is that it’s really compact but not in the way that they keys look crowded and the screen’s relatively small. Truth be told, the size’s the most important factor that I considered so it’d be easier for me to bring it along with whenever I do travel. Especially now that I am staying far from home. In case you didn’t know, I am staying in a dormitory close to the university and I go back home on Fridays to spend  weekends with Family then of course, back again to dorm on Mondays.

It just crossed my mind that it means more often updates for this site. 😀


3 thoughts on “And finally…

  1. That is a nice netbook! My friend has a tiny one, I don’t know how he stands it. Mine is huge though, a laptop that is not really classified as a netbook. It’s 15.2 inches or something like that. I use it regularly and all the time and it has lasted at least two years. I’m legitimately surprised, since by two years, most people’s laptops are dying. 😛 I own a Toshiba! I’m not sure how HP fares but I haven’t heard too many good things about them. Most word I’ve heard about them is that they have problems after owning it for a year or two. Since you aren’t playing games or anything, I am positive yours will last!

    I live an hour away from university and I commute. I wouldn’t mind living there but I like living at home now. It is too expensive to dorm. At least, more expensive than it is to commute.

  2. i guess i’ll have to congratulate you with a brand new computer!! 😀 i’ve never owned my own computer before, i’ve always shared with the rest of my family, you’re so lucky!! i’m saving up for my own now though.

    thank you!! good luck with your bachelor degree!! 😀

  3. I have an HP Mini myself and I love it to pieces! I mainly use it for school purposes or when I’m out of the house longer than intended (I like to steal wi-fi either from campus or from Starbucks or McDonald’s). I will occasionally use it more than my main laptop because the battery on it is amazing. o_o It lasts 10 hours! It came with Windows 7 but I’ve since customized it with my own Operating System; it runs a lot better now. I’m sure you’ll find yours beneficial; they’re really cute and durable things.

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