Never bored.

It hasn’t even been a month since school had started yet here I am, pretty stressed out… but undeniably happy. I haven’t told you that I am currently taking genetics and organic chemistry at the same time. Aside from those two heavy subjects, I also have crop science 2, animal science 2, and entomology. Well. Those aren’t all of my subjects. Those are JUST my subjects with laboratory work which translates to 3hours multiplied by 5 labs plus lectures of those. In short, I am spending more time in class compared to most of my college friends taking up other degrees. Also, this is supposed to be a very VERY CRUCIAL semester. I can’t stress the words VERY CRUCIAL so much for genetics and organic chem are prerequisites of my MAJOR MAJOR subject agribiotechnilogy 101.

So I was talking shit in that previous paragraph.  All I wanted to say’s that last night, before I went home, I spent time alone at Rob Ermita to watch Hangover 2 and laughed my ass out, just what I needed. I don’t know if you’ve tried it but I think you should. I didn’t care so much about the people around me who were mostly couples and I was there, laughing alone. It might sound weird but nobody sees you in a cinema with lights off, remember? Well, if you haven’t tried it and you’re stressed out, I think you should give it a shot.

I’m not in my mind tonight. I’m typing this whole thing with my eyes closed cause I had been seating in front of my father’s laptop for the whole day already trying to take care of my responsibilities for a project ECORev.

Now, I am spending my time thinking if those people I sent invitations to are going to take  even just for a while to read it. Hopefully, I get positive feedbacks from them. I never thought this task’s going to be as hard as it is right now. In some time, hopefully, things are going to pay off. Nobody knows how happy i will be if i get a reply.  Pretty please.  And BTW, I am happy at what I am doing right now. This week, there wasn’t even just a minute I got bored. My vocabulary deletes the word.


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