Great escape with friends! Photos to follow!!!

It kills me inside asking myself why I wasn’t able to tell you what had happened earlier during summer. It was like freedom… extended. So, it’s much like one of the best summers I ever had in all these eighteen years of my life. Just so you know, from where I currently am, I need to slowly kiss summer goodbye and embrace the clouds eager to pour rain on me, literally and figuratively. Though I intended to say it in a vague manner in which you can’t easily say if it’s something positive… or not. First week of school had just started.
After a week I had gone to Cebu and Bohol with my family, I went back there again with my friends. Though we were only four, the trip was remarkably FUN. It was like an instant escape from reality with some of the best peers I have.

I am trying to type things here but then I can’t deny that I am looking at my phone trying to remember when we left and how to chronologically arrange what happened. Weeks had passed already.

Anyway, we left Manila in one gloomy afternoon, an isolated summer day, I suppose. Sonette’s dad treated us Yellowcab pizza just before our flight. It was so nice of him.

So we arrived in Cebu and was fortunate enough to get picked by my tito and tita. 😀 We stayed at my lola Abling’s house. It still sometimes makes me sad, the thought of her being absent in this world, our stay in Cebu could’ve been a lot better and homie if she was still physically present in the house. It was also nice for my cousins and titos and titas to be there when we needed stuff.

Yosha, Sonette, Rica, and I woke up early the next day for our Bohol trip with Mang Doro. We rented his car and him as a driver for the whole day trip for 2000Php. Rica also treated us lunch at Loboc River!

I can’t say much about the whole trip there with my friends, aside from it was A LOT tiring yet super fun! The weather was at least, in favor of our trip cause while it was raining hard in Manila because of the storm Chedeng, there wasn’t even a drop of rain in Bohol. Though it wasn’t at all sunny, it was humid.

We arrived in Cebu earlier than expected. Thanks to Oceanjet for being a lot speedier than Supercat. The pier was a riot and it was pretty hard trying to avoid those who are going to fool you but we were lucky to ride a gentleman’s taxi. I am not much of a taxi rider but I can definitely agree with my friends that that taxi driver’s one of the best we had ever met cause he was just so kind of telling us about what we should know. He also referred a good calinderia (if that’s how you properly spell it, Im not sure) for students like us on vacation who are in a pretty tight budget. Then, that’s the start of us being taxi babies of Cebu, taxi from there to there. But we rode jeepneys from time to time because jeepneys in Cebu are so unlike the infamous jeepneys of Manila. Then, we went to Ayala.

The next day, it’s time for us to roam around Cebu. We started from the Taoist temple in Beverly Hills. Don’t ask me about Beverly Hills cause I know nothing about the origin of the name of the place.  My titos and titas told me that I had already visited the Taoist temple there but I guess, I was too young then to remember. We prayed.

This must be the highlight of the day(cause I can’t highlight everything otherwise, i can just say the unhighlighted part), at Crown Regency. I can’t remember what exactly you call those we had tried there but the photos must give you little clues. Sky walk, Zipline, cant remember.
Mind you, the zipline wasn’t just a zipline. It’s a zipline on the 44th floor. Looking down, you’re going to see the city, the busy street where you might end up lying. I kidd on the last part. But it was hell yes, scary but this is a scarier shit. It’s like looking at the future cause of your death. Your ride tilted 55degrees facing the solid earth. The funny part was our orange jumpsuit apparatus that we wore. We looked hilarious – confused on being an astronaut or hanging engineer. The 1000php was pretty sulit. There weren’t a lot of good pictures of us doing our thing cause a photo cost at least for 230php which was too much.
Then Sto. Nino Church and Casa Gorordo where we bought our pasalubong! It was my first time at Casa Gorordo, they told us about a tour on the museums around Cebu for only 160php which includes all entrance fees in about 11 museums and also the transportation with either an aircontioned mini bus or karitela or something like that. It sounded really fun. We couldve gone there if we werent leaving the next night.
Last day, tito On and tita V sent us to Portofino, Mactan Island to go to the beach!!!! It was fun wearing what I wore the previous nights in sleep to the beach. Right after, we went to Shangri-La Hotel with our wet turned to dry clothes and sand on our feet in a tricycle with a driver who thought about sending us in the front lobby where everybody’s coming down in their cozt SUVs and us, in a tricycle. Nice idea, by the way, we could’ve tried. We ate lunch at Sutukil. Good food. Simot. And the Azkals bus. Felt like they were following us from Manila to Los Banos to Cebu. No.

Still in our beach clothes, we went to Big Foot studios!! They didn’t give us vistor IDs at first until we said that we were going to inquire about film school at the International Academy for Film and Television and met the student adviser, Bill who was so nice to us to have the programs explained as well as how things there generally work. He was even so kind that he gave us a tour around the academy as well as Big Foot and told us about the best hang out bar in Mactan, Tiki bar! Hahhahaa.
Time to go home sweet home. 


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