Cebu avec ma famille.

13 May. Late night flight to Cebu city.

14 May. Early in the morning we left for a family reunion in Moalboal – province located at the south of the island around 200km from the city.

Here’s what supposed to be the family tree.  I never thought that my mother has this number of relatives in her father’s side. Everybody must’ve been a little overjoyed to meet relatives they never thought who existed and to catch up on the lives of the  long lost ones.  Over all, the event was a success. I heard they’re planning for a part 2 in a couple of years from now. I don’t really know. I was never a fan of family reunions.
Moalboal. We spent a night at Asian-Belgian Dive Center. Just so you know, I didn’t go diving.  Simply because I don’t have an open-water permit or whatever you call it but it is like the ‘driver’s license’ you must have to drive a car on the roads. The modules, and the diving lessons will eat at least 3 days of your ‘vacation’ before you can get the permit, o yeah, the right word must be ‘certificate’, as in diving certificate. Not to mention the lessons cost a lot. But it’d be fun though, I think. 😀

Stunning sunset.


15 May. Moalboal. Parrotfish for lunch. I never tried tasting it though but I just had to take a picture of it cause it looked… different, right? They were so colorful and you’ll feel sinned if you eat it. That was a joke. 🙂 My father mentioned that colorful fishes are usually not as tasty as usual fish we eat.

I did not kill the starfishes. I even asked them to put it back in the water. It was freakin low-tide. That’s my little brother Nico and a friend he just met.

To be continued…


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