Howl [2010]

I’d hate to call this a review but it might just be like it. So, first, I really enjoyed watching Epstein and Friedman’s Howl, aside from the fact that James Franco starred it (cause it’s partly biased. I like the Francos A LOT), the story tackled the life of a poet, Allen Ginsberg, in the 1950’s when he wrote his poem “howl”. There were court trials discussing whether Howl’s an obscene work and should be on censorship and even questioned if the poem can actually be considered a literary work.

I don’t study literature so pardon on that but I see the success of the poem Howl as a larger opening for contemporary poems  which are actually liberal. I give the movie a 7.

Whatever. Let’s just fill this thing with Franco screen caps cause we all love him.


4 thoughts on “Howl [2010]

  1. Lol! “Whatever. Let’s just fill this thing with Franco screen caps cause we all love him.”
    You’re hilarious Danielle!
    Now I’m curious to see this flick!!!

  2. i haven’t heard about howl before ;S

    you’re lucky who has summer now (: it’s spring here and it’s not exactly hot, but not as cold as winter time either.

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