OZINE 2011

Late. Late. Late.


Today, my friends and I attended Ozine fest. It’s a cosplay event that happens yearly and I guess it’s my second year if not the third. I can’t remember when I got hooked to cosplays. I’ve tried it twice and those times were EPIC. I mean seriously, the first time I tried it was fucking hilarious cause my father was there. It’s not that he contest to it. I just don’t feel comfortable socializing with random strangers and having my picture taken by someone in front of any of my relatives. So yea, I sticked to taking photos of cosplayers instead of I getting photographed.

There were less cosplayers than I expected and my time was so limited cause I had to leave early. I spent almost 3 hours there though.

Here are Min and Anna. Dammit they know almost half the people there. just then I realized I haven’t been hanging out with Anna and Arvin lately until today. I met a number of kids too cause just like I said, Anna knows A LOT. And one of them is this guy, Min. He’s really funny!

The reason why I had to leave early’s because of family dinner, as usual. It’s not that my parents don’t permit me to skip family dinner but I just can’t. I don’t know. I really love it when I eat with my family.  My sister, Den, was not present though, she attended a ball.

After eating, my brother and I watched an ice hockey game cause my parents were busy attending to some matters we weren’t interested to.


3 thoughts on “OZINE 2011

  1. Hahaha same here, I was online yesterday and not once did I try to reply comments….fail.
    Thank you soo much, Secretkiss has come a long way and it’s finally the way I want it. 😀 The way I get traffic for my sites is mostly twitter, I just post it on twitter when i have a new blog and people visit it.
    Also try commenting people a lot, because that also brings a lot of traffic. As for maintaining the site, that’s the hard part lol. I just recently came back from a huge break but kept in touch on twitter so it wasn’t like I disappeared. If you do decided to get hosted, I’d love to host you. 🙂

    This would be the first time i’ve ever heard of Cosplay. Is it like a costume thing? Ice hockey was never one of my sports, I hate the cold so hockey doesn’t work for me lol.

  2. a cosplay event? sounds interessting, what is it really? haha we don’t have anything like that near where i live, wish we had though, it seems fun!! 😀

    we try to eat together in my family too, i think it’s nice! we all come together and talk about how our day has been.

  3. Haha yeah, I had a “moment” if you will. I had more stuff I wanted to say but it’s a bit difficult to process everything and type it out. I haven’t had any philosophy courses myself yet but I’m going to be taking one in the fall. I’m not sure if it’s going to be exactly how I imagine (because people tell me it’s an easy course to begin with), but we’ll see.

    It’s true though. One choice you make affects another choice and so on and so forth. By changing one action, it completely changes everything. For example… I read an article about a woman driving home from her way to work. While she was driving someone in front of her was driving very slow. Impatient, she was going to pass them but she decided to stay behind the car. Coming the turn signal, the car in front of her turned and was immediately hit with another car by a drunk driver. The driver whom was hit was killed. She was interviewed and questioned by authorities later as she was a key witness (I mean, it happened right in front of her); she was hysterical because had she made that one choice where she drove in front of that car, she would have died herself and left her family behind. Crazy, yeah? Obviously it’s sad for the person that actually got killed but that’s like the wilderness: eat or be eaten.

    I’ve wanted to cosplay for the longest time but because my skin is dark, I can never really find any characters to cosplay. It’s unfortunate and unfair to me but eh. Cosplay favors people with lighter skin tones. That’s pretty cool that you went to one though. Generally the ones that come around here are a bit expensive.

    I like family dinner as well but we never really talk. I’m not that close with my family because everyone is usually off in their own world. When I’m out, I’m out. I do have a curfew and I do come home before 12. Obviously that’s way past dinner but eh. Hockey really isn’t a popular sport down here. I’ll watch it sometimes but mostly to see the guys beating the crap out of each other. XD

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