Good Mondays don’t happen even once in four weeks

Since we have pretty much time to do anything this vacation, Isabelle and I decided to watch Dennis Dugan’s Just Go with It. It was in cinemas a couple of months ago so it’s still considered new.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, and you’re in to Romantic Comedy films then I’m recommending this. Just anything with Adam Sandler in it goes well. Haven’t seen one that went bad, or at least you could tell me.

Anyway, it hasn’t been a week yet since vacation officially started but here I am, in front of my computer,typing, and on the verge of becoming broke. Maybe because of this one fully-jammed yet a really really really FUN Monday I spent with my friends.

So, my friends and I went to Tagaytay to eat lunch at April’s house. But Tagaytay’s like  an hour and a half drive from home excluding the traffic and since I am commuting, it made things a little harder. I can’t narrate everything but I left home at 645 in the morning made 3 stop-overs and 2 of em are fast-food you know what happened.

We arrived in our destination at around 10 am. In time for lunch! April, I’m not sure if you’d get to read this but, thank you just for everything. 🙂

Zipline-ign caused a lot for less than 5 minutes of your life. Come on.

Pat treated us mochi. It’s azuki flavored ice cream inside. it tasted like heaven.

After the Zipline and Mochi, we fed fishes at Nuvali. Survival of the fittest. It doesn’t look cute to me. Seriously. But it’s kinda amusing seeing how plenty they are.

After feeding fishes, we fed ourselves again.

To sum it all, the whole day was spent dominantly by chatting (eating just came second). We always have stories to tell and we never ran out of them though we’re always together. I mean seriously for the past 10 months, I look forward to the end of each day just to chat with these people even until past midnight. I look forward to lunch breaks cause I practically know I’d be eating with them. I figured out Mondays aren’t so bad cause aside from the fact that UP doesn’t have classes on Mondays, I also knew that I’d be welcoming another week of hell with a bunch of great people. So, to those who’d be leaving the dorm, it can’t be denied that we’d be spending less time together but we can always see each other. OK, collect all your stories and we’ll still never run out of them to tell. We’ll be reunited some time and just as if there was no time gap between us.


4 thoughts on “Good Mondays don’t happen even once in four weeks

  1. i haven’t seen this film before, but i love romantic commendy films, i think they’re so cute!! 😀 maybe i’ll have to look if i find it somewhere, not many films comes to the cinema at my place ;S jennifer aniston is a great actress as well, i’ve actually not heard about adam sandler before.

    thank you! (: i have heard about blink 182, but i don’t think i’ve heard any songs, do you have any recommandations?

  2. I want to watch that film! In fact, you’ve picked the film I want to watch tonight 🙂 Cheers, for that!

    Those fish look like they’re being cooked in a big pot. Haha 😀

    Sounds like you had loads of fun, though! x

  3. I’m glad you had a fun day! I’d love to go zip-lining, even if it does cost a lot.

    And those fishes look really cool. How do all of them swim when there are so many in the same area? They look so cramped!

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