Hi there, pals. I just got home from the dorm.  Pretty excited about the idea of spending most of my summer at home not going to school. Though I’m still really worried about my grade in Chemistry. I was never good at it but I hope I did enough to pass. I, at least, understand that’s how life goes. Well anyway, the opening of the PFF Suzuki under 23 cup happened in our school. The Azkals were there.

PS. There were really lots of people. And I’m like, a little far from the grandstand so sorry for my sort of stalking 101 photos.

It was nice seeing Angel Guirado. He’s the main reason why the Azkals had won the fight against Bangladesh a week ago in Myanmar for the AFC Challenge cup. He made 2 goals of 3.

Yannik Tuason was also there. It wasn’t my first time seeing him in person. Yesterday was weird cause he seemed to be the crowd’s favorite. I will not deny that he really is handsome but his name doesn’t usually ring a bell to people unlike the Younghusbands, Etheridge, etc. My friend Aiah, and I recognized him first. Hewaved at us and after that there  was no more interaction cause everybody started wanting him. Everybody suddenly got fascinated by him. They didn’t know such beautiful face exists in the Azkals not just those Younghusbands and Etheridge. lol.

But the truth is, I’m not really in to how Yannik plays.

To me, he’s just a face. And we know football’s never about that.

since were already talking about “face value”, let me introduce to you my bias, Patrick Hinrichsen. Haven’t seen him play. 

(L-R: Christopher Camcam, Patrick Hinrichsen, Dan Palami) The photo’s not mine btw.

Moving on,

Chieffy Caligdong and Manong Ian Araneta. Doing their usualy thing.

Starter. First game: Baguio – Laguna.

Just so you know, I was never a fan of football like most of my countrymen. I only like current events. I kid, the second sentence’s just a joke. :)) If you’re wondering who the Azkals are, They’re the Philippine National Team. Their FIFA standing is 151 but I personally think that’s not something to be ashamed of and for us to lose our hopes. Philippines isn’t a football country, anyway. but it is really exciting to see how much change the Azkals can bring regarding the perception of the Filipinos in the sport football.


8 thoughts on “U23 SUZUKI

  1. i must admit i think it’s funnier to play football rather than watching (: we use to play sometimes at school, and it’s really fun, we’re all far from professional but we give 100%! haha! (:

  2. I hope everything goes well with your Chemistry grade. I know how it feels to worry about that kind of thing.

    I’ve never been a big fan of soccer. People don’t get very excited about it here in America. I’ve seen footage of soccer games in other countries and people get so excited! I think I’d like it better if people were more passionate here.

    Is the guy from the second picture number seven in the last picture?

  3. hello. 🙂
    oh really? i totally understand. once you name them there’s no turning back. haha.
    hope chemistry goes well. i’m taking that next year.

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