Happy New Year!

Bye, 2010. You’ve been a pretty good bitch. This year, I lost some good friends but I also gained awesome new ones! I didn’t get accepted in the university I wished to attend but who cares, I so love where I am now!

Folks, look at the good side of everything. 🙂

Anyway, I got the chance to visit Banaue, Ifugao (Mountain Province. An 8-hour-drive away from home. This is where you can actually find the famous rice terraces) with my whole family. It was lots of fun, I must say

It might be a typical province located at  mountains and with a temperature around 16-18 degrees celsius. Not bad, definitely.

What makes this place so special is because here’s where the famous rice terraces can be found.  These terraces had been existing since 2000B.C. and the fact that these are man-made made me realized how awesome the people behind these were.

This is how the beautiful town of Banaue gets eaten by the fog during the most unexpected time of the day. Before you can complain about it, it’s nearly gone. Same thing goes in life.

I m ending this post with last year’s photo that showed how our family welcomed 2010. Time fleets, cherish every moment.

Happy new year, everybody!


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy new year 😛
    You have some very nice pictures from your trip to the ricefields. they are very nice.

    I’m not far yet with Lord of the Rings. but I’m digging my way through it 😛 I”l see how far I can go

  2. Happy New Years to you too!! 😀 Aw I love the last image of the fireworks. 😀 Did you take all those pictures?

    I know right? It’s really ridiculous if you asked me. In order to link someone you have to go through the trouble of uploading this stuff. :/

  3. Happy New Years to you too! 😀 — I wish my sleeping was back to normal. I feel like I might become an insomniac. lmao.

    Those are lovely pictures! I really like the rice paths ones! That must have been a stunning view. Trying going to Vietnam sometime. 😉

  4. Oh my, why did you have to travel like that for school!? I could never make it. My school is five minutes away by car and I feel like it’s too far. >.< I'm a gal who needs her sleep. My body doesn't function unless I do.

    I've never heard of Ifugao, but it looks gorgeous!

    I love the last picture. I didn't notice that it spelled out 2010 until I looked again. How neat!

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