FRIDAY NIGHT. Isabelle and I took a jeepney ride going to Palacio at Roxas boulevard for a reason we both had forgotten while we were in the jeep. Everything just felt so weird because minutes before that we were so sure and dedicated about what we were going to do. Here’s the thing, we thought about gate crashing Sen’s event. It’s obviously for DLSU Econ majors. Or at least, DLSU students. We arrived at the location at exactly 7pm and what made us more nervous was the event hasn’t started yet and you can count the people around the vicinity with your fingers.
Well anyway, I can’t truly express what I had exactly felt but it’s somewhere near between trying to reach an impossible dream which you can almost grasp and waking up, getting back to reality. One of my teenage moments where I had suddenly realized all those friggin time i had thought about it were fucking crazy moments and the point where I was standing right in front of Sen’s tarpaulin WAS FUCKING INSANE. ooh, i wanted to kill myself cause I felt so ashamed though he didn’t know about it. SEN, IM SORRY BUT I AM SUCH A FUCKING CREEP. :))))
So, we decided to take a walk and eat with all our desire for food at Rob. That experience defined the real ‘OHMYGOD’, ‘WTF-AM-I-FUCKING-INSANE’, ‘IM-SUCH-A-CREEP’, ‘STALKING-SKILLS-TO-THE EXTENT’ moments. 
everything was just su funny im guna die. yet i’m still looking forward on seeing you Sen! 


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