the first ultimate break from college.

sem break. it’s been almost a week since i got off from school and so far, i am enjoying every moment. i dont care if i spend a lot of money(like what i’m doing now). who cares, money can be earned in the future but times like these must be filled with memories. i suppose, there will come a time that these are going to be the only things that we can get back to.
so i’ve seen my standings in almost all of my classes and they’re OK. but who gets satisfied with an OK, well, OK’s just OK, just good. good enough to pass but it never meant better. i personally know i can do better but the hell i care those are just numbers. it doesn’t define in any way who i am and i don’t think defining myself’s necessary. getting back, i just want my parents to see that at least, i am worth it; getting into UP, i mean. but it woud be easy in no way since they’re from UP. the good thing, my parents aren’t fond of comparing but whatever, pressure is pressure, it’s always there.
my point about pressure is that it can either ‘extinguish'(crush,if that’s the word you prefer) or strengthen you. well, of course, it’s your decision.


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