physically, nico is the exact opposite of macmac..

wow. it’s meh. it’s not self timer and i didnt ask anyone to do it. it’s the arm stretch method. you cant imagine how much im stretching my arm for that photo and well, it just captured my face. i believe 50mm is a good lens especially for portraits but it isnt just for the vain.

that’s my bear. it shrunk. ph, time. i wish i could have it dry cleaned ( as well as my prom dress). im afraid they might get molds.  but who cares about molds anyway

it’s brownout! dnt look at my ugly face!

well then, buddha isnt that good. ya, think?

tatay just came home from australia. and oh. macmac’s wearing uggs. which i wore that day too. fuck i looked stupid.

it was easter, dude. we went to church.

yay! dutyfree!!!!

im sorry. you know how bad i am when it comes to shooting fireworks. XD

and i wore uggs that day because it was a deal between me and my mother. wear those witer shoes and i’ll get gladiators. in the end. i got it. 😛


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