it’s been three weeks since school started and my classmates are… i dont know how to describe them but they’re totally different compared to my classmates during my second year. im not enjoying school unless its friday; my friends and i go out just like what we’ve done today. i mean, every friday after school. and by the way, i wake up at 5o’clock in the morning at go to school at 6:45 and classes will end at exactly 6o’clock in the evening! this might sound ridiculous but its true. its really harder than i thought!

anyway, here’s the thing. i came back home at 7pm and my sister told me that i have a letter and its from Singapore’s Ministry of Education!!!!!! The letter says that I have been short listed or the selection test in bangkok(?). i dont understand what’s the connection od bangkok here. no, im not from thailand. so yea, i’ll be taking the test on the 7th of july and i hope for the best! i aim to pass! want to study at singapore!


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