no parents

my parents aren’t around. mum went to the southern part of the philippines same as my dad but they’re in different provinces, of course. dad will be back on saturday night while mum, uhhh im not sure. she neither. so yea, its pretty fun not to get scolded. my friends keep fooling around me, they were like, “you gonna have house party tonight?” talkshit. im broke besides im a good girl, man. lol.

i was playing with the shutter speed. its fun.

nico and miko. yea, they always argue.

dammit. slow shutter speed is amazing. lol

oh. the exposure.

speaking of exposure, no, im no light in skin tone. 😀

that’s it for this time. 😀


4 thoughts on “no parents

  1. slow shutter speed interesting =D
    you can make something extraordinary XD XD XD
    how was it your parents not around with you? (since this post posted quite long haha) ^^”

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