its been a week or so since my last post so i gotta write something in this. last week was pretty awesome.

there’s a day i slept around 5 in the morning just chatting with my cousins the whole time. the tv’s turned on but no ones watching and theres no more any shows. we had mcdonald’s delivery and we were pretty clever that time; didn’t want anybody else to wake up (my mom, my dad, my younger bro or our nanny). ๐Ÿ˜€ i had a chance to go out with veronica (only the two of us) at some place i thought i can’t go without the use of a private car but unfortunately, i needed to commute to arrive at the designated place. before anything else at that morning, i went at my school because i need something for my scholarship application and yes, i didn’t get it that time. shit, what a waste of time. so, i needed to continue my so-called “adventure” that time, i was thinking of getting a taxi but that just costs too much so, hell no. how bout a train, geez, i was scared if ever that would be just my 5th time i think but it will be the first time for me to ride alone and the last time i rode a train was like, ages ago, so, if i dont want to get in trouble, i shouldnt take that so i didn’t. and my last choice was riding the oh-so-famous jeepney, cheapest and most comfortable(i just like it cause i can talk to the driver and ask stupid questions like where are we now, how long will it take, etc.)
if you aren’t familiar what a jeepney is, here:

(snatched that over the net)
at last, i succeed! >:) after two hours, i arrived. ๐Ÿ˜€

Kim and I decided to meet at school at exactly 10:00 in the morning. Damn, i woke up 10 in the morning, the time i should arrive at school! i was so worried and find my mobile phone, just as i thought, the battery’s dead, charged it while taking a shower and after 15 minutes, i left the house. i needed to photocopy my report card first before meeting her. Thank God, kim is one of the people who understand me most. I arrived there 11:00. 1 hour late. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Kim and I met again at school. This time, i wasn’t late, i was early, yay! i was there 9:00 in the morning and she arrived at 11. i do really understand since it was brownout, the train wasn’t working so she needed to ride a jeepney, which she hates the most. i waited at mcdonald’s for the whole time and at last, she came looking exhausted. we went together at school and submitted our application forms; hoping we’ll be qualified to submit it to the embassy of singapore. I want to study there, so badd! After submitting it which only took a couple of minutes, we ate at mcdonald’s again. we stayed there for like, 4 hours just talking! yea, only the two of us and the crews were like staring at us maybe they wanted to ask if were waiting for someone, or whatever but i know they wouldn’t since we look familiar to them, we always do the same thing, eat and stay for hours.
I came home, went upstairs and saw my sister surfing the internet, she said. ” uncle george’s dead”
i didn’t shock me. i know, he’s been suffering for a pretty long time, he’s been in coma for years. undergo many operations just to prolong his life. he’s a man i look up to, and also his family, they’ve been taking care of him since they knew he got this brain tumor but at the same time, they had hope. hoping that…– i don’t know. they knew he’ll be dead after time. unbelievably, his life prolonged. believe me, he’s been suffering this since 2000, and it’s 2008 now. his doctor died first before him, how can that be.

My dad came home from Sri Lanka. haven’t asked him how was it but pretty sure it was well. It was 10 in the evening when he came. He ate first the after that we decided to go to the funeral. it was cold inside, there were lots of people, they didn’t seem to be sad, more like of a party telling stories about their time with uncle george. i chatted with my cousins. it was midnight when we came home, there were still lots of people. oh my, lots of people love him.

PS: kuya joshua taught me how to “arrange” the 5×5 rubic’s cube! yay! i guess i did great but i just dont get the first few parts. ๐Ÿ˜€

you know what i want.


One thought on “random

  1. My mom bought a Rubik’s cube the other day for $2, and I’m all, “!!!!!!!!” It’s only a 3×3, and you knowing how to do a 5×5 is prettaaaay hardcore!
    And I love talking with friends until…morning, I don’t know, there’s this feeling about it.
    I’m sorry about your uncle, if it’s any help, maybe not, but I just wanted you to know that.

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