watcha been doin this summer?

summer vacation, at last! I waited so long for this moment. Hopefully, it will not go waste. I’ve been doing stuffs days ago like watching finished devil beside you and huan huan ai(why why love) already. Yes, those two TDramas are starring same actors and actresses particularly Rainie Yang, Mike He, and Kingone Wang. WAhhh. they’re all cute. ^_ ~

hey, look at these:

(photos were snatched over the internet!)

I’m not really fond of watching comedy-drama or shall I say anything live action but both TDramas are good so, I can’t just resist it. Anyway, I’ll go back watching anime tomorrow. I’ll finish Bamboo Blade first.  Still deciding if I’ll have formal swimming class this summer(you know what i mean) since I know how to swim already or Kumon(yes, Math because I want to be good at math. )


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