New Home

I deleted my old LJ since I didn’t like my username na. i got tired of it and besides, no one’s leaving any comment. XD so yea, i’ll be blogging about stuffs here. I hope i can still keep this up until the end of summer. i’m still looking for a host. 🙂 but for now, im confused about it. should i really find a host or this free host is just aryt?

It’s been a pretty long time since i haven’t posted a post worthy of reading – gah. dont assume, this isn’t :p. If you knew me because of the internet then, you must know, this person isn’t good in blogging just like shit. I just miss everything and want everything back. Yea, everything back to normal. I’ve been thinking a lot these days and found out that this isn’t me and I need to be back to my true self. I know it’s pretty vague but it really is, friend. What I mean is I’m not this person who doesn’t care at all- i don’t study for our lessons even tests and in the end i’ll tell myself, “better luck next time/I promise, i’ll study next time” but i never followed any of those. i just want to stop fooling myself.

yea, i got low scores. 😦 this time, its not OK but what’s up with all these resolution when the school year’s ending! Then I say, God must hate me.

Last night I had to study for this test
I forgot man I’m dead
And now my brain is bursting out of, of my head
I can’t think I can’t breathe
Once again
I guess it’s no use
I’m screwing up every little thing I ever tried to do
I’m born to lose

God must hate me
He cursed me for eternity
God must hate me
Maybe you should pray for me
I’m breaking down and you can’t save me
I’m stuck in hell
And I wanna go home


One thought on “New Home

  1. If your talking about the something you want. Is it about the feeling of blogging? And web designing? If so (feels like I’m advertising XDD) I have the same problem =/. I wanted to get a new host, but I wasn’t noticed very much. So I decided to stay on LJ, and well it grew and hopefully will grow a bit more =). But its your choice. And theres no such thing as boring posts D:. Because everyones different, we’ll like different writing styles and words.

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