The Obligatory New Year Entry

This is me saying goodbye to 2012 and giving 2013 a warm welcome. I know, I’ve been such a bore last year so I might as well work on that and I failed my 2012 reading challenge by [not telling you] number of books. Since I have THE guts, I’m not just going to give the reading challenge another shot but I’m also increasing the number of books I should read! Ha. Ha. Ha.

About second chances, here’s another chance to try to get better at expressing myself in words. It harmed me most of my life and I am not even kidding. My thoughts are soooo ripe that my words get out already spoiled.

I just wanted to have a legit blog entry today but obviously I’m not in the mood to tell you about stuff and make  things dramatic as much as I want them to be. hahaha. I’m not even going to mention how amazing 2012 was (hint: my last teenage year was awesome) and a portion of what’s in store for me in 2013. I’ll probably do the evaluation part tomorrow but I’m really tired right now since  I started the year the Cuevas way! It was fun! Also, my laptop’s battery is dying and I’m just typing for the sake of just typing anything. I guess I shouldn’t say that since it’s a total contradiction to what I had just said a while ago but anyway, the thing is, it’s a good life. It really is but only if we look at it in the right way and so far, I kinda guess that I am perfectly doing it so. Not saying that my life’s perfect but I’m really happy with my life right now (No, I didn’t figure everything out just yet) though I kinda feel sad about the things that I’m taking for granted like my swimming(I’m so bad at it), my bass and all the music stuff I have(barely touched:((( ), my room where I never slept in (needs lots of effort to clean it and dump whatever’s in it some place else but there’s no other place where the stuff can be! :( ), my life-size 10 year old bear (washed it at most thrice in its lifetime cause I always thought it’d lose its essence),  my closet which I haven’t cleaned for a very long time, my cameras (I barely use) , food, and my good old friends -.-  Danielle just can’t have it all (more like do all of the things she want to do in the same phase of my life). And yes, there are some people who almost got it all and get to balance everything they want in their lives. these bastards. What’s the secret?

Au Revoir



oh man, here we go again with a lot of stuff that had happened and too bad I already lost the momentum to share it with you guys. :(

We watched rugby games during the late part of April just because we swim in the at around 1 to 4  at RMS and games start at 5. My siblings and I knew about it one afternoon. I think it was the first game of a5n div I. It was Sri Lanka v. Chinese Taipei and the three of us couldn’t wait to watch the next game. It’s just fun to watch, really. And then, I learned that Rachel was working there and  we really enjoyed seeing her doing her thing. It’s nice seeing her accomplished, tired, and happy at the same time. She’s quite a busy person. Ate Lala watches rugby too back in Australia and she was fascinated by the fact that the Philippines actually have a rugby team! Well, I was, too. We weren’t really familiar with rugby union but through 3 games I watched  live in that week and a little bit of online research as well as a little reading on my brother’s ‘favorite’ book, Dangerous Books for Boys, at least, I picked up some information about the game and enough to know what’s happening. =)) You could say League is more interesting and fast paced but who cares, I don’t think we have it here. hahaha. BTW, the game itself’s fun to watch but the finale, Philippines v. Sri Lanka was some awesome sauce. Really. Congrats, Philippine team. :)

PS the photos were taken one night which date I’m too lazy to remember. It was Philippines v. Chinese Taipei.

I still have lots to tell. But I need to wake up early and do lotsa shiz. =))

Good night. :)

The best part was the swim Isabelle and I had a couple of Saturdays ago at Century Park hotel. Froma 50 peso budget for a swim, turned out to be 450 in real shit. It was a truly fancy day. Damn. And then of course, I’m broke.

Long due

  So here’s the thing, I was lazy (and I still am). Really. I hope that’s an acceptable excuse but no, it’s a reason to hate myself every time.

What happened was, I really had a bunch of stories to tell and a number of photos to show but  I just lost them especially the eagerness to do so. :(

The photos above were from last year, really. And there’s no significant story about it, really. My sister and I just missed plastic balloons. I’m not really sure where you can get them around the metro but apparently, Macmac had 2 huge packs of it. Don’t know where he got them though. It didn’t seem like the plastic balloon I knew. :))

Anyway, I finally met the root of my blogging life. Man, his photos just keep on getting better everytime. I myself am surprised to realize I’ve been following his life for more than five years now…

Au revoir.

All that we can be, where this thing can go?

11 February 2012

Nico and Mac. Define nosebleed and a good morning. Don't worry. It happens all the time.

It’s Madel’s 2nd birthday and my parents required me to attend the celebration with my 2 siblings and younger cousins. So generally, I just ate and played. It was fun and kind of weird playing toys for 2 year olds though.  Anyway, since I’m partly gullible and trying so hard to be kind, I drank a couple or more glasses of margarita and some other shiz you drink that might cause you to lose your mind for quite some time. I’m not really a big fan of alcohol but I keep on insisting myself and others that I’m more of a ‘scotch-on the rocks’ person. Just because it’s least likely to be offered (most especially on the usual  frugal and economical teen drinking sessions I usually join in) and so to make excuses. :>

I was extra careful. Which of course, was a great idea because what happened next was my abrupt ‘yes’ to Alyosha’s call asking me to join her and Abby to watch  David Archuleta. Thanks to Alyosha and her family for the free ticket! For some reasons, Abby’s obsessing over the guy for some time already.  He really sings well though and I guess, he has a good heart too.

Here are some photos I took. spaaaam

We weren't really there to see the fireworks. I even missed the first set. -_-

When you're dizzy, hold your breath, and shoot fireworks. Minus the tripod, please.

Also, we were in myx too. the whole shit was ridiculously funny and so I’m not giving out any more details. hahaha.

Au revoir.

Museum hopping

28 January 2012

This is such a bitchy thing to say but I really didn’t enjoy my Hum2 trip IN MANILA. Obviously, it’s because I AM from Manila and never in my life had I thought that museum hopping and crappy bus rides plus dreadful lunch at some place called Taste of Asia in MOA’s actually worth 1200.

Aside from the company I had, there’s nothing I enjoyed that day. The museums were fun too but every single time I realized that that injudicious trip caused me 1,500, I kept on taking my words back.

Please don’t tell me I lack appreciation on Filipino Art. It just felt weird because I grew up visiting museums and having most artworks explained by my parents. I spent quite a number of hours in my whole life just staring at Juan Luna’s Spoliarium and my spoiled ego’s having a hard time trying to accept that the guard thought I was acting inappropriately at some point.

Maybe, a huge part of my bitterness came from how much I started dreading the National Museum. A place which I thought I love but then, shit happens because shitty people make them happen.

It just doesn’t feel right being introduced to some things I had known most of my life. Please don’t judge me about how I am so full of myself because I guess, it happens to everybody. You know what I mean? I knew better but she gets to tell most of the stuff. I don’t feel okay with tour guides because I always wanted to be one, at least for a summer break. Haha, I’m being irrational here.

Excuse the foul update.

Your egotistic bitch,


Photos were taken at Lopez’s, Yuchengco’s, and San Agustin’s